Spider Extermination in Las Vegas

spider extermination in las vegas

Spider Removal

There are plenty of desert spiders that call Las Vegas home because Nevada is the perfect climate for spider breeding.  While most spiders are not lethal to humans, you should still contact an exterminator if you find them in and around your home. If you find yourself with a spider problem, be sure to contact a company that specializes in spider extermination in Las Vegas. Many spiders have painful bites, and often times their venom can cause harm in humans and pets.

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What types of spiders live in Las Vegas?

There are many different types of spiders that are native to Las Vegas, but most are not harmful to humans. However, if you come across one of these spiders, you should be wary of these species:

Camel spiders known to be especially aggressive.  Camel spiders look a lot like scorpions at first glance because of their light brown color. These spiders have large mouths and can hurt when they bite, but because they have very little venom they are rarely dangerous to humans. Some people may have an allergic reaction to their bites, however so be cautious.

The Western Black Widow is the most poisonous spider indigenous to our area. They are aggressive and are not afraid to attach to protect their nest. Female black widows can lay eggs four to eight times during a breeding season in the summer months. Many people have bad reactions to black widow venom and need emergency medical care, and in many cases their venom can seriously harm or even kill household pets. Female black widows have enlarged venomous sacks and can be identified by the red hourglass mark on the abdomen. Fatalities are very uncommon, but if you are bitten by one you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The Brown Recluse spider is also venomous and prefer dry, undisturbed places to live. These spiders are very fast and can get very large. In some cases, brown recluse spiders can be aggressive and their bites contain a very dangerous enzyme that can lead to skin lesions. Wolf Spiders are native to Las Vegas and can inject venom in their bites when threatened. After a bite, many people have to undergo skin grafts.

Spider Prevention

Spiders usually enter homes through open or poorly sealed doors and windows. Most of the time, spiders leave their nests to look for prey or someplace to hide. If you find spiders in your home, the first step is to remove any conditions favorable to spiders such as clutter or trash in the yard. There are plenty of store-bought products that can help remove spider webs and hopefully drive spiders away. If a little clean-up doesn’t help, your next step is insecticides. Store-bought spray treatments can be helpful on a small scale, however if you have a lot of spiders in or around your home, you may need to call a professional to handle your spider extermination in Las Vegas.

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