Scorpion Extermination in Las Vegas

A member of the Arachnid family, scorpions have populated the Earth for over 420 million years. They prefer the dry, warm temperatures of desert climates, making the Las Vegas Valley a preferred habitat. Living a minimum of 4 to 6 years, scorpions bear live young — up to 100 at a time — following a year-long pregnancy. The speed at which they multiply makes scorpion extermination in Las Vegas critical.

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Types of Scorpions

Two types of scorpions — the Bark Scorpion and the Desert Hairy Scorpion — commonly inhabit the area. While both scorpions are classified as venomous, only the Bark Scorpion is considered significantly dangerous to humans. The very young and very old, along with individuals allergic to scorpion venom, are at particular risk from the sting of any scorpion, however.

Scorpion extermination in las vegas

Desert Hairy Scorpion

The slender, smaller Bark Scorpion prefers to climb and enjoys the cool, moist air inside your home. Found in sinks, bathtubs, dark closets, climbing inside walls or clinging to the ceiling, its sting consists of a series of sharp jabs. The larger, thicker Desert Hairy Scorpion reaches up to almost 6 inches in length. Preferring to burrow underground, the scorpion may nonetheless make its way into your house. Its venom is able to subdue large lizards but rarely kills humans who are otherwise healthy.

Scorpion extermination in las vegas

Bark Scorpion

How to Get Rid of Scorpions

Scorpions typically hibernate in cold winter weather and become more active in the warmer months, when bug populations increase. Likewise, scorpions tend to frequent areas where their dinner — bugs, spiders and other creepy crawlers, including some lizards and even other scorpions, in the case of the Desert Hairy Scorpion — live. Dark, damp corners, wood piles, rotting vegetation, and lights shining in the night attract bugs and thus, scorpions. Scorpions can live for up to 6 months without food or water (and several days underwater, holding their breath) so even unused or closed off storage areas and flooded spots can contain scorpions.

The first step towards Las Vegas scorpion control is discouraging entry into your home. Remove piles of brush around your house and move wood piles well away from the foundation. Look for water leaks and dripping pipes and small cracks that allow the scorpion entry. Control the pest population around your home to make dining at your house less attractive. To protect young children, set crib or bed legs in glass jars to prevent the Bark Scorpion from climbing up to your sleeping child. Keep doors closed after dark and avoid walking barefoot at night.

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