Rat Extermination

Rat Extermination las vegas

Not only are rats and rodents annoying pests, they are a health risk as well.  They can be found almost anywhere, from kitchens and garbage bins, to attics and cracks in roofs and walls. They leave diseases and bacteria in their urine and feces, and it is sometimes hard to notice if they have done so in any food or liquids that have been left out. This is not only a problem that affects health, but one that hurts reputations as well. The last thing a business owner needs is a rodent infestation in their restaurant.

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Rat Extermination

There are some things you can do to try to keep rodents from entering your home or business. Much like preventing ants, keep your home as clean as possible. Don’t leave any food out in your kitchen, always put it away. If your area has already been infested with rodents, you could attempt to place traps around the area you spotted them in. However, this is not recommended. The last thing you want is exposure to possible disease or bacteria the rodents are carrying. Calling a professional is the best way to get rid of rats that inhabit your home, and apply preventative measures so that they will not return.

When you hire Buddies Exterminating, we search throughout the house or building to look for any possible entrance ways. This may seem like an easy task, but rodents have a way of getting through even the smallest of cracks.  Our exterminators will be able to tell where the rodents are coming from. This way they will prevent any further intrusions by these rodents. They will then use certain types of repellent to keep them from attempting to return.

Common Types Of Rodents In Las Vegas:

  • Field Mice –Field mice usually range between shades of gray and brown. They move fast, possess sharp claws, and are extremely intelligent. As the name suggests, field mice can be found in fields and other rural areas, including farms, marshes, swamps, forests, and even old houses. Eating whatever is available, these scavengers reproduce at alarming rates. Field mice are cousins to the rat, and since they are at the lower end of the food chain, they usually survive no more than two years.However, when winter begins approaching, field mice often seek to nest in houses. This causes a number of difficulties for homeowners, such as the spread of diseases, some of which may result in a person’s death. Electrical shorts and house fires may be the result of field mice gnawing on the wires. Rewiring a home is not cheap, and field mice can cause other damage by eating through walls. Mice can also harm pets, especially if a pet dog or cat catches and eats a field mouse that is infected with a disease.
  • The Norway Rat –The Norway rat is also identified by a host of other names, including the house rat, the brown rat, and the wharf rat. Norway rats prefer to live close to people and thus can easily be found in urban and suburban areas. They burrow their way underneath structures and are not picky when it comes to food sources. Not only do Norway rats cause damage to buildings and their foundations by burrowing beneath them, they are also known for contaminating food in warehouses and crops on farms. Other damaging aspects of being infested with Norway rats are the spread of disease, the destruction of electrical wiring, and the destruction of underground water pipes. These nocturnal creatures breed rapidly (like field mice), with the female Norway rat giving birth to up to six litters per year.
  • The Roof Rat –The roof rat, also known as the black rat. It is an omnivore that may contaminate fruit farms and consume insects. Roof rats are avid climbers and therefore can easily dwell in trees. The average length of a roof rat is six to eight inches, which excludes the length of their tail. Just like field mice and Norway rats, roof rats also reproduce at a fast rate. In fact, this is the very species of rat that became famous for spreading the Bubonic plague throughout Europe during the the Middle Ages.

Animal Control

If you have animals intruding on your property and need to hire an exterminator or animal control service, call Buddies Exterminating. Not only can rodents and animals be a pest or a nuisance, they can be dangerous to your health and well-being.

  • Feral Cats – If you have a stray or feral cat on your property causing concerns, just give us a call for a safe removal.
  • Rabbits-The Las Vegas desert is home to the desert cottontail rabbit, desert tortoise rabbit and black-tailed jackrabbits.  These little bunnies tend to overwhelm housing communities that surround golf courses and recreational parks.
  • Squirrels –Though not typically know as a rodent or a pest, there are times when squirrels can intrude on one’s property at take habit inside your house.  If you need to remove them from your house and keep them from coming back, call us today!
  • Wildlife – Having an issue or concern about some other type of wildlife on your property? No worries, we can handle that too. Just give us a call and let us know your situation and we will be there to assist.

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