Pigeon Removal in Las Vegas

Pigeon Sitting on Rooftop in Las Vegas

Pigeon Control

Pigeons plague parks, homes and public areas throughout Las Vegas , especially under bridges along the Pittman Wash, Flamingo Wash, Las Vegas Creek and Duck Creek. Pigeons are not likely to be individual problems, but flocks of pigeons cause extensive damage to structures from their waste and nesting materials. 


At Buddies Exterminating, we can help you finally be rid of those pesky pigeons by using the most effective means of pigeon removal and control available. Since 1962, we’ve been a trusted name for pigeon problems in the Las Vegas valley.

The problem with pigeons is when they roost on eaves, trees, power lines, or roofs. Pigeon droppings stain sidewalks, outdoor patios, and cars. Rather than daily power-washing of your patio, the only real solution is to keep the birds from sitting on your roof or ledges.

The other problem comes from pigeons’ nests. Their nesting materials may be found in rooftop air conditioning units or in gutters, where the material can create serious and costly problems. Removing the pigeons and their nests is only half the battle. You must make the birds realize that your home or business is not where they want to be by using proven control methods.

If you have an existing pigeon problem, you want the birds gone and to prevent them from returning. At Buddies Exterminating, we offer Las Vegas pigeon removal and pigeon control among our many services. Trapping the birds on your site gets them out of your hair temporarily. To keep the birds at bay, our Las Vegas pigeon control system incorporates screening, netting, and spikes to discourage birds from ever coming back to your property.

If you are tired of dodging bird droppings on your porch or washing your car daily to keep it clean, call us at Buddies Exterminating. We have been in the extermination business since 1962, helping homeowners get rid of pests all throughout the Vegas Valley.

Your pigeon problem will not solve itself. Professional removal and control is the only way to prevent the serious damage to your home these birds can cause. Our proven removal and control techniques for pigeons will help you to reclaim your home from these birds.

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Do-It-Yourself Tips to Get Rid of Pigeons!

• Clean up. Bird guano may harbor fungi, corrode structural element and overpower a sense of smell.
• Spikes. Much like barbed wire prevents cattle from stampeding through fences, so rows of bird spikes prevent pigeons from landing or roosting on flat surfaces.
• Screens. Wire mesh covers air conditioning units and chimneys, allowing them to safely continue operation.
• Traps. These humane mesh cages capture birds unharmed up to dozens at a time.

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