Keeping Bugs Out Of Your Home This Summer

If you own a home, you will want to take a proactive approach to keep bugs out, especially during the summer.  Just like you, bugs rush indoors to beat the profuse heat. With these four tips, you can keep bugs out this summer.

Clean and organized home: Keep your house clean and organized. When you have a mess on your hands, bugs will come in and exploit the situation. Not only that, when dealing with a messy home and dirty rooms, bugs have hiding places. To fix the issue, clean your entire house, including the garage. Then, after you clean it out, keep things tidy from then on.

Don’t leave food out: Ants are attracted to our food.  In turn, ants lure larger bugs like cockroaches indoors with them. Over time, the problem worsens, and your kitchen and living room, among other areas of the house, will fill with bugs. If you let this get out of control, you will end up dealing with rats and other vermin.  Put your food away in the refrigerator or in sealed containers.

Block common entry points: Home entrances are the most vulnerable.  You will want to seal all common entry points like garage, back patio and front door. Bugs, large and small, can enter your house through cracks between doors and windows.  You might need to remove old, cracked caulk and refill with fresh caulking.

Bugs love water: Remove standing water sources.  Inspect your front and back yard for puddles.   Also look for leaks around any plumbing like your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower, washing machine, etc. inside your home.   If you notice major puddling outdoors or leaks indoors, call your local plumber for a free estimate to drain or repair these areas.  They are breeding ground for insects.

If you follow these four common sense tips, you can reduce the likelihood of pest infestation.   Sometimes, no matter what precautions you take bugs can still outsmart your tricks.  Call Buddies Exterminating at 702-878-3998 to help you with any uncontrolled insect infestation in your home.