Highlighting the Reasons Why Las Vegas Pigeons Don’t Migrate

Staying Close to Home: Why Pigeons Don’t Migrate

Often times, birds tend to migrate during the wintertime. They seek refuge from the colder weather. In some areas, literally hundreds of birds can be seen soaring across the sky. Unfortunately, homes and businesses in Las Vegas must deal with pigeons throughout the year. Here are the biggest reasons why pigeons prefer not to relocate when the outdoor temperatures start to drop.

Abundant Food Sources

Understandably, pigeons are reluctant to leave a place where food is abundant. Vegas is the perfect place for these birds to live. It’s easy for pigeons to obtain a meal just by hanging out in a parking lot. They are often seen rummaging through garbage for leftovers. Locals and tourists also tend to toss out a lot of food. Pigeons are more than happy to swoop down and pick up the waste. Some people actually feed pigeons for fun. This is yet another reason that pigeons don’t migrate.

Shelter Is Readily Available

Although the area is known for its mild climate, the weather can still get a bit frigid during the winter months. At night, the temperature can easily dip into the 20s. This means pigeons must find a place to stay warm. Luckily for them, shelter is not hard to find. There are hundreds of buildings in the city where they can nest. Because of the mess these birds leave behind, pigeon extermination in Las Vegas is especially important.

They’re Safe from Predators

While hiding in rooftops, pigeons are safe from predators. They don’t have to worry about being attacked by owls and hawks. This is one of the reasons why local pigeon populations tend to remain high- there is little natural pigeon control. However, commercial pest control designed to relocate the populations can be found.