The Importance of a Routine Pest Prevention Plan

Routine Pest Prevention Avoids Problems Implementing a routine pest prevention plan can help to keep rodents, bugs and birds out of your home. This plan may include having a pigeon removal in Las Vegas professional lay traps or take other steps to keep them out. It may also include using… Read the rest

Those Pigeons Need to Be Gone

Seasonal Pests and What to Look Out For As you might know, when the seasons change, so does the weather. But what you might not know is that as the weather changes outside, the pests we might find in our homes also changes. Many pests will come into our homes… Read the rest

Common Wood-boring Insects to Look Out for in Las Vegas

What Wood-boring Insects Are Common in Las Vegas? Beyond the strip of Las Vegas, the first thing many people consider when they think about Nevada is the harsh desert climate. While these conditions are not conducive to many forms of wildlife, many insects still manage to find their way into… Read the rest

Keeping Your Commercial Property Pigeon-Free

Don’t Let Your Building Go to the Birds If you own an apartment complex or hotel, you’re no stranger to the perils of pigeons. They’re messy disease-carriers, and they’re so used to human presence that it’s difficult to drive them away. Having them proliferate on your property can make it… Read the rest

Rats and Mice Find Ways Into Homes

Don’t Let Rats and Mice Find Doorways Into Your Home Rodents don’t exactly make welcome guests in a home. Trapping or otherwise disposing of rodents makes sense. Would it not be best to keep them out in the first place? Homeowners likely agree with this simple assessment. That’s why they… Read the rest

Neighbors’ pest problem will be yours

At some point, everyone deals with a nasty neighbor of one kind or another.  Whether they’re too loud, or too nosy, there’s bound to be one along the way who has extremely poor home safety and hygiene habits have a ripple effect.Household infestations also do not limit themselves to single… Read the rest

How Do Bed Bugs Get into My Home?

Bed bugs strike fear into the hearts of many people. There is a lot of misinformation that is going around concerning bed bugs. However, once people are more informed about bed bugs, they can make better decisions in preventing these pests from entering a home. Bed bugs have been a… Read the rest

Keeping Bugs Out Of Your Home This Summer

If you own a home, you will want to take a proactive approach to keep bugs out, especially during the summer.  Just like you, bugs rush indoors to beat the profuse heat. With these four tips, you can keep bugs out this summer. Clean and organized home: Keep your house… Read the rest

Las Vegas Scorpion Control

If you live in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, you’ve probably heard about the increased incidence of scorpions at private residences. If you’ve noticed scorpions at your home, it’s important to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Read on to learn more about scorpion control in Las… Read the rest

Common Las Vegas Pests

Las Vegas is home to glamorous casinos, showgirls, and a thriving nightlife. Unfortunately, the hot climate, peppered with bouts of rain in the spring and dry winters, is equally appealing to a variety of pests who aren’t all that picky about the places they call home, whether or not it’s… Read the rest