Tips for Identifying Hornets on Your Property and in Your Home

How to Tell If You Have a Hornet Infestation A hornet is a large and aggressive type of wasp. Some hornets will not bother you unless you disturb their nests, while others will go after you at any time. Hornet venom is painful and can be deadly. If you think… Read the rest

3 Humane Ways to Discourage Large Pigeon Gatherings in Las Vegas

3 Ways to Discourage Large Pigeon Gatherings in Las Vegas Watching birds, including pigeons, hop around, peck at the grass in search of food and stare back at you can be entertaining. Unfortunately, the hospitality signals to them that it is safe to hang out. Their friends catch wind of… Read the rest

The Truth about Common Mouse Myths

3 Mistaken Beliefs About Mice Mice can be found infesting homes across the country, yet they are still largely misunderstood. Simply put, there are a lot of myths about mice that simply aren’t true and that make it harder to catch the pests. If you plan to get rid of… Read the rest

Reasons Pigeons Pose a Danger to Children

Why Pigeons Can Endanger Children Pigeons can be very harmful to children and can potentially endanger their health. This is because pigeons can spread communicable diseases to humans. Children, especially younger children and toddlers, are more vulnerable because they learn through tactile experiences and are likely to put objects into… Read the rest

A Simple Solution to Keep Pigeons Out of Your Garden

Keep Pigeons Out of Your Garden If you take pride in your garden area, you know it can be frustrating to have pigeons destroy your work. Birds love to eat ripen fruits or vegetables while they leave a mess in your yard. It is difficult to maintain a healthy garden… Read the rest

How to Know If You Have a Carpenter Bee Infestation

Are Carpenter Bees Doing Damage to Your Home? Carpenter bees are a common household pest that can be found all over the world. They are often mistaken for bumblebees because of their similar size and coloration. However, the lifestyle of the carpenter bee is quite different from the bumblebee. Bumblebees… Read the rest

How Flocks of Pigeons Can Damage Property

How Flocks of Pigeons Can Damage Property If you just moved to the city, you might wonder why you continually see ads for pigeon removal in Las Vegas. On the east coast, people raise pigeons as pets, usually in cages on rooftops. They are prepared for the mess pigeons cause.… Read the rest

The Importance of Eliminating Bugs Quickly

The Downsides of Ignoring a Pest Problem You may not think much of a few ants scurrying in the kitchen. You may also not think much of a stray fly or wasp in your living room. However, if you see bugs in multiple rooms of the house, it is a… Read the rest

Common Signs of a Bird Infestation

Key Clues That Birds Are Taking Over Your Home For most homeowners, there is nothing wrong with seeing a few birds flying around the house first thing in the morning or during the evening. However, there are few things worse than the sight of dozens of birds perched on the… Read the rest

How to Identify Bed Bug Bites

Signs and Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites Bed bugs typically live inside your bed and only come out at night. Depending on your infestation, you may never even see the little bugs. You will, however, see the bites they leave behind. These bites are often the first sign of a… Read the rest