The Top Reasons Why You Need to Know How to Identify Bees and Wasps

shutterstock_567626143Bees, hornets and wasps can all set up housekeeping in or around a human dwelling. These insects can sting, sometimes repeatedly, which is why careful management of their nest location is essential. Understanding the Difference Between Honeybees, Yellow Jackets and Wasps When you come across a buzzing insect in your… Read the rest

Common Problems Caused by Pigeons

shutterstock_379549480Knowing more about the many issues that can be created by pigeons in a home or business will help you better understand why these issues occur in the first place. Property Damage Caused by Pigeons and How to Prevent It If you’ve never lived in the city before, you’re likely… Read the rest

Understanding How Bees Get Into Your Home and How to Stop Them

shutterstock_163976009If you find that bees have started a hive on or inside of your home, it is important to the structural integrity of your house and the safety of your family to have the bees removed as quickly as possible. Reasons to Call Exterminators If Bees Get Into Your Home… Read the rest

How Pigeons Can Make You Sick [Infographic]

buddies exterminating 5-30Pigeons are commonly found in urban areas, but in large flocks, they can be harmful to their surrounding areas, particularly because of their droppings. Check out the top three health hazards of exposure to pigeon droppings.… Read the rest

Where Do Pigeons Live?

shutterstock_217580821In Las Vegas and other American cities, pigeons pose a threat to human health and property. Pigeons often nest communally on rooftops and other high places away from human gaze. How Did Pigeons Get Here? Like many urban centers in the United States, Las Vegas has a big problem with… Read the rest

Gardening Without the Bugs

shutterstock_155610059Every gardener faces the challenge of insects and other pests that eat and undermine plants and flowers, and the most experienced gardeners have a number of organic tricks up their sleeves. Maintaining a Pest-Free Garden Effective pest control in Las Vegas isn’t just about getting rid of annoying, damaging and… Read the rest

Why Pigeons Congregate in Certain Places and How to Stop Them From It

shutterstock_526379890Although it is possible to see a lone pigeon foraging for food, these birds tend to congregate in certain places. Understanding why they do this behavior can help to increase the chances at a successful pigeon control system. Three Reasons Why Pigeons Congregate in Specific Places Pigeons often congregate in… Read the rest

How to Recognize a Pest Emergency That Requires an Immediate Response

shutterstock_342158102The sight of a pest inside of your home might seem like it is always an emergency because of their repulsiveness. Understanding a true emergency versus a problem that can wait until the next business day could save you a lot of money. Understanding a Pest Emergency Versus What Can… Read the rest

Common Types of Rodents in Las Vegas [Infographic]

may photo blog inforgrpahic copyThere are a few different types of mice and rats that are common to the Las Vegas valley. Below is an infographic summarizing the 3 common type of rodents in Las Vegas. If you have a rodent problem and are in need of a mouse or rat exterminator in Las… Read the rest

City Developers Struggle With Large Flocks of Urban Pigeons

shutterstock_566144227Large flocks of pigeons tend to congregate in urban areas such as plazas, city parks and the tops of buildings. While the pigeons can be enjoyable to watch, they leave behind a great mess of droppings and feathers that can lead to a surprising amount of damage to public and… Read the rest