What You Need To Do Now If You Find An Infestation Of Clothes Moths

How Clothes Moths Get In Houses And What To Do Imagine going to your dresser or closet, pulling out a shirt you have not worn in a few months and discovering holes in it. This is likely the work of the clothes moth. There are two species of clothes moths,… Read the rest

Tips on Pigeon Removal for the Vegas Area

Pigeon Removal For Your Home of Business Pigeons are urban birds that feel just as at home in a city as its human residents. Unfortunately, this comfort leads to several health and safety hazards as the birds multiply and start to take over areas of a city like Las Vegas.… Read the rest

Signs of Termite Damage in a Home

Key Signs of a Termite Infestation Termites like to eat wood, and they can consume a large quantity of it in a short period of time. If they enter your home, the entire structure could be compromised in days or weeks. The same could be true of a shed, swing… Read the rest

Tips on Pigeon Control Around Your House

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How to Get Rid of Ants That Have Entered Your Home

How to Remove Ants From Your Home Ants can be one of the peskiest insects and can be very difficult to remove from your home once they have entered. They are a type of social insect, which means that many more will enter your home after the first one has… Read the rest

How Pigeons Find Homes

Common Reasons Why Pigeons May Make Your Property Home Making sure that pigeons don’t invade your home or yard can be a tough task. They’ll scout areas and look for specific characteristics until they find a suitable spot to call home. Unfortunately, many of these sought-after features can be found… Read the rest

Learn the Signs of a Possible Pest Infestation

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Tips to Keep Pigeons Away [Infographic]

Keeping Pigeons Away from Your Home Pigeons are attracted to structures where it can watch out for predators or structures that provide shelter and easy access to food. By knowing how you may be enticing pigeons to your home, you can take steps to get rid of them.… Read the rest

Learn how Pigeons Can Be a Burden to Humans

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Plants You’ll Love That Pests Hate

Aromatic Gardens Do More Than Keep the Pests Away Since the local weather is always hot, pest control in Las Vegas is a year-round concern. One way to take a passive approach is by planting aromatic herbs indoors and out. Not only can you use plants as a natural pest… Read the rest