Keeping Your Commercial Property Pigeon-Free

shutterstock_729700894Don’t Let Your Building Go to the Birds If you own an apartment complex or hotel, you’re no stranger to the perils of pigeons. They’re messy disease-carriers, and they’re so used to human presence that it’s difficult to drive them away. Having them proliferate on your property can make it… Read the rest

Natural Remedies for Rodent Control

shutterstock_253677325Mouse-Proof Your House the Natural Way If the thought of mice skittering around your home gives you the jitters, you’re not alone. Any exterminator in Las Vegas can tell you that rodents are some of the most common and tenacious household pests. The good news is there are natural, humane… Read the rest

3 Signs It’s Time to Call an Exterminator [Infographic]

BuddiesIf you are living with a pest infestation in your home, you will also have to live with all of the issues that they can cause. You’ll want to hire a professional exterminator as soon as you notice any of these signs:… Read the rest

Eliminating Large Flying Home Pests

shutterstock_777067921Identifying Flying Pests in a New Home Pests, such as pigeons and bats, can be quite the nuisances. If the animals are left to their own devices, they will continue to reproduce and increase in number. As a colony or flock increases in size, so does the risk of disease… Read the rest

Fascinating Facts About Southern Fire Ants

shutterstock_137669564Insects from the Inferno: Cool Facts About Southern Fire Ants With the summer right around the corner, Las Vegas pests will soon be out in full force. Southern fire ants will definitely be lurking. Because southern fire ants have the ability to unleash a fiery bite, they are far scarier… Read the rest

What Steps Can Exterminators Take to Keep Pigeons Away?

shutterstock_1021681255How to Keep Pigeons Away from Your Home Pigeons can cause a multitude of problems including destroying property and spreading viruses through their droppings. Once this type of bird finds a suitable place to roost, it is unlikely to want to leave. The good news is that an exterminator can… Read the rest

Rats and Mice Find Ways Into Homes

shutterstock_295110965Don’t Let Rats and Mice Find Doorways Into Your Home Rodents don’t exactly make welcome guests in a home. Trapping or otherwise disposing of rodents makes sense. Would it not be best to keep them out in the first place? Homeowners likely agree with this simple assessment. That’s why they… Read the rest

Steps to Take if You Have Bed Bugs [Infographic]

BuddiesBed bug infestations are becoming more common and are often difficult to eradicate. If you want to get rid of the problem, here are a few steps to take.… Read the rest

Why You Should Clean Your Home After Removing Birds

shutterstock_602425181The Best Reasons to Clean After Removing Birds When a pigeon or other pest bird lives in your home or office, it can leave behind droppings or other materials that damage the building or create a health hazard. In some cases, particles from those bird droppings can get transported through… Read the rest

How Your Small Business Could Benefit From Preventive Pest Control

shutterstock_711673786Three Ways Pest Control Benefits Your Small Business When you are the owner of a business, your reputation is everything. If word were to get out about a pest problem associated with your business, you would have a big reputation control problem on your hands. With preventive services for pest… Read the rest