Why Pigeons Are Attracted to Household Garbage and What to Do About It

shutterstock_1021131724Three Tips for Preventing Pigeons from Accessing Sources of Food Pigeons are ubiquitous with living in the city, and the large numbers of these birds make them a source of frustration for many home and business owners. The pigeons are omnivores, and will eat seeds, grains, nuts, berries, worms and… Read the rest

How to Keep Roaches Out of Your House

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What you can do to Prevent a Home Invasion

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Steps to Take if You Have Bed Bugs

shutterstock_109391273Steps to Eradicating a Bed Bug Infestation Bed bug infestations are a problem that is becoming more common and is often difficult to eradicate. Many people wake up in the morning to discover bites on their arms and legs due to the critters that come out at night and often… Read the rest

The Pros and Cons of Removing a Pigeon Nest

shutterstock_567476263Deciding Whether to Remove a Pigeon Nest People tend to enjoy watching and feeding pigeons at the park. In such a setting, they may be seen as beautiful or majestic creatures. However, a pigeon that has made a nest in or near a person’s home may pose a danger to… Read the rest

Top Reasons Pigeons Keep Returning to Your Home

shutterstock_6067151033 Reasons Pigeons Keep Returning Pigeons are commonly attracted to residential buildings and can begin to leave droppings behind, which can create a mess on your property and attract different types of vermin. Unfortunately, the problem can quickly get worse when the birds breed. If you’ve tried to get rid… Read the rest

What Mice Are Looking for When They Decide to Come into Your House

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How to Keep Pests out of Your Home [Infographic]

BuddiesIf you want to keep pests like cockroaches, ants, mice, and spiders out of your home, the best way to do it is to take preventative measures. There are a few simple things you can do to keep your home safe from unwanted invaders.… Read the rest

Telltale Clues of a Pigeon Infestation

shutterstock_380592937 (2)When an animal decides that it has found a warm and safe place to live, it will try to establish roots there. Pigeons are no exception to this rule, and a single pigeon could quickly become dozens or hundreds taking residence in a home or business. Let’s take a look… Read the rest

Talented Birds: Cool Facts About Pigeons You May Not Know

shutterstock_566144227For many business owners, pigeons are nothing more than just annoying pests that poop everywhere. They can definitely create quite a mess on your property. Pigeon control in Las Vegas is a big job. However, these aggravating birds are actually quite amazing. Here some of the coolest facts about pigeons… Read the rest