What Attracts Pigeons to a Particular Space and Why They Stay There

shutterstock_348646715Three Things Pigeons Need in Their Favorite Roosting Areas Pigeons are a problem in most urban environments. In warm places such as Las Vegas, these birds spend all year long roosting and breeding on buildings and congregating in open areas. When pigeons are causing a problem on your property, it… Read the rest

Common Reasons Why Mice Keep Coming Back to Your Home

shutterstock_537735859Reasons Why Mice Return to Local Homes Even if you keep rats and mice as pets, you might feel a shock if you encounter one of these rodents running loose through your home. Mice are common pests facing homeowners in the Las Vegas area because these rodents seek out homes… Read the rest

Hazardous Las Vegas Pests [Infographic]

Buddies ExterminatingThe hot, dry climate in Las Vegas appeals to a number of pests and insects. Amongst the most dangerous are African honey bees, scorpions, and different species of spiders. Check out this infographic to learn more about each.… Read the rest

Top Benefits of Hiring an Exterminator

hiring an exterminatorTop 5 Benefits of Hiring an Exterminator When it comes to keeping pests off of your property in each season of the year, an exterminator can remove nests and also discover infestations. For many homeowners, it can be difficult to keep cockroaches, mosquitos, and earwigs at bay. Fortunately, several benefits… Read the rest

Top Ways to Keep Pests Away in the Summer

shutterstock_561881638How to Keep Pests Away in the Summer Season The summer season is known as the most common time of the year when pests begin to show up due to warmer temperatures outdoors. Unfortunately, the creepy crawlers can find their way into the kitchen or backyard. When you want to… Read the rest

Behavioral Reasons Why Pigeons Keep Coming Back

shutterstock_5047643083 Biological Explanations Why Pigeons Always Return to Your Home Pigeons are an annoying pest, especially when they roost on your roof. It’s frustrating when you chase off a flock of pigeons only to have them return a few hours later. It turns out that there are biological behaviors that… Read the rest

Gardening Without the Bugs [Infographic]

Buddies ExterminatingGardening is an enjoyable activity, but can become less so when your garden is overtaken by insects and other pests. Here are some tips to maintaining a garden and keeping it insect-free.… Read the rest

How to Deal with Pests During Major Life Changes

shutterstock_338704535Three Life Changes that Require Pest Inspections During major life events, you have a million things on your mind. Unfortunately, pests don’t care what you’re going through. While you’re busy dealing with a new home or a new baby, roaches, mice or even scorpions could be in your walls or… Read the rest

Pigeon Extermination Services Can Protect Your Building from Damage

shutterstock_575517079If you are concerned about bird-related property damage on your Las Vegas home or business, you are not alone. Professional pigeon extermination can remove these pesky birds from your property with fast results. Protect Your Building From Property Damage With Pigeon Extermination Services Pigeons are rather lovely creatures when you… Read the rest

The Top Reasons Why You Need to Know How to Identify Bees and Wasps

shutterstock_567626143Bees, hornets and wasps can all set up housekeeping in or around a human dwelling. These insects can sting, sometimes repeatedly, which is why careful management of their nest location is essential. Understanding the Difference Between Honeybees, Yellow Jackets and Wasps When you come across a buzzing insect in your… Read the rest