Easy Ways to Keep Pests Away From Your Home

Proactive Ways to Prevent Pests Merely seeing an ant or a spider in your home doesn’t necessarily mean that there is an infestation present. However, it does mean that there is something that is attracting them into your home. For instance, they could have found a food source or an… Read the rest

Pigeons Ruin Grocery Shopping Experiences

Two Ways Pigeons Ruin the Grocery Shopping Experience Everyone’s heard of pigeons, but here in the U.S., no one wants to be near them. This is especially true for shoppers who have to deal with them while shopping for groceries. Here’s a couple of examples of what your customers are… Read the rest

Ways to Control Your Pigeon Populations in Las Vegas

Where Pigeons Tend to Accumulate Pigeons were originally found in North Africa and western Asia as wild animals. Feral pigeons went on to establish themselves in many cities. Intentional feeding of the birds by humans, inadequate sanitation and “cliff-type” sites for nesting on older buildings are the main reasons people… Read the rest

Three Places In Your Home Where You Should Regularly Check for Pests

Surprising Places Where Bugs May Be Hiding in Your Home Most people know that bugs like places such as basements and trash receptacles. You would not be surprised to find pests in there. However, you might not realize that pests may also be hiding in some seemingly clean places in… Read the rest

Why Trapping Pigeons Is a Temporary Solution

How to Keep Pigeons Away for Good Pigeons may look innocent when you are feeding them in the park. However, you don’t want them anywhere near your home. Their droppings can damage siding and create a slippery mess on your driveway or patio. Furthermore, pigeons can breed quickly and inundate… Read the rest

How to Spot Pest Infestations During a Home Inspection

Subtle Signs of a Pest Infestation When a person puts a home on the market, he or she will generally highlight the good things about the home and try to downplay its less attractive qualities. Therefore, you may not necessarily find out directly from the seller that the home has… Read the rest

Why It’s Important to Act Quickly When Pigeons Are on Your Property

Reasons You Should Remove Pigeons Immediately Pigeons are known to leave messes in areas where they congregate and spend time. If you notice pigeons that are present in your yard or on your property, it’s important to act immediately to remove them from the setting and prevent them from returning.… Read the rest

Places in Your Home That You Did Not Think to Look for Bed Bugs

The Top Places Bed Bugs Can Hide in Your Home Bed bugs easily hitch a ride into your home. They may get in through library or used books, luggage you took to a hotel or used furnishings that you brought into your home. Once they get inside, they quickly hide… Read the rest

Why Pigeons Are Attracted to Your Property

Reasons Why Pigeons Are Attracted to Your Home Pigeons can become a nuisance on your property once they begin to land on your home and release droppings on the building and surrounding property. Many homeowners don’t know how to resolve the issue or prevent the birds from returning. If the… Read the rest

Why You See Pests During the Winter Months

Not All Bugs Die When Summer Ends You may believe that bugs are only active during the spring and summer months. While this is true in many cases, it is possible for pests to thrive during those cooler fall and winter seasons. Therefore, it may be a good idea to… Read the rest